Custom lighting and lampshades are available for all your design projects. Any images on Tony Koukos World Travel Photography, Koukos Wallcoverings and Art & Design can be customized into shades. Images from The Gallery Collection are limited to only art in editions of 24.

Clients can also provide images or fabric to have your own custom shades made. Give your existing lamps a new look by replacing the shade with a customized art shade. Images are printed on an eco-poly fabric then mounted to a flexible backing, and available up to a diameter of a 36” drum shade. Light diffusers (frosted acrylic cutouts) are available to soften direct light. Shades can be used with a standard cord set available at major retailers around the world.

Standard size drum shades are 15” diameter by x10” height

Standard size pendant shades are 10” in diameter by 15” height

Lighting is available,please email for more details.

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